The Feng Shui Way: Leave Your Troubles Behind and Your Shoes at the Door


Feng Shui is an 8,000 year-old Chinese philosophy about the relationship between humans and their environment. Every item in a space and its placement is thought to either enhance or diminish our well-being. Based on the laws of nature, logic and common sense, we have incorporated feng shui principles into our office.

removing shoes for feng shuiThe custom of removing one’s shoes before entering a home or (our acupuncture office) is practiced not only in Asian countries, but also in Scandinavian, Muslim, and even Hawaiian cultures. It is a mark of respect, stemming from the fact that traditional Asisan homes featured tatami mats that were used to sit on while eating, and to sleep on.

But there is also a scientific basis: studies have shown that taking off one’s shoes at the doors promotes improved cleanliness and reduces the number of allergens since less dirt and soil is being tracked across the floors.

Beyond this practical application, however, is much more important spiritual one. Removing one’s shoes is a mindful ritual that causes one to pay attention to differences in space. While taking off your shoes, the body reminds the mind that you are leaving the outside world behind, along with its troubles and worries. This allows your mind and body to transition into a more relaxed, tranquil state.

Furthermore, Asian cultures believe it is a good health practice to allow the feet to breathe, stretch and feel, something that cannot be done when wearing confining “street” shoes.  Finally, at Acupuncture Associates, we ask that you remove your shoes and socks so that during your treatment we may insert needles in key areas of the feet with ease.

Here’s to improved health starting with mind, body and soles!


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