7 Healthy Habits for Headache Sufferers



Diet- Eat regular meals at regular times to avoid your blood sugar from falling too quickly. Also, avoid foods and drinks that are known to trigger headache attacks including processed meats, aged cheese, alcohol, and foods and beverages that contain aspartame.

Sleep- Maintain a regular sleeping schedule, including weekends and vacations.

Stress- Stress is one of the most common headache and migraine triggers. Implement stress reduction techniques into your daily life.

Exercise- Exercise stimulates the body to release endorphins, which are brain chemicals that improve mood and relieve stress, which are known headache triggers.

Headache Diary- Keep a diary of when your headaches occur, along with any triggers, and share the information with your healthcare provider.

See Your Healthcare Provider- Make an appointment with your healthcare provider to specifically discuss your headache.

Be a Partner in Your Headache Care- Be informed, be a participant in your treatment and be an advocate for your headache care.


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