Acupuncture for Accidental Injuries


Acupuncture for Accidental InjuriesAccidents happen.  It’s a cliché, of course, but it’s true that we often find ourselves suffering from minor bumps and bruises from falls, accidents, and other incidents. Car accidents and falls are common sources of minor injuries. During our leisure activities, many of us may have experienced sport injuries from getting in touch with our inner weekend warrior, too. All of these injuries may leave us with aches and pains that irritate and frustrate us.

Acupuncture is one method of treatment to safely and gradually deal with the little accidents of life. As an acupuncturist, I see many of these situations in my Wilmington, NC office because the temperate weather allows people to be active almost year-round. We also see our fair share of aches and pains from traffic accidents, as Wilmington is known for traffic congestion!

These accidents might include common ailments like:

  • Sprains of the wrist, ankle, or neck
  • Torn ligaments in the knees, shoulders, and elbow
  • Aches and pains in the back and neck
  • Muscle soreness throughout the body

Rather than giving up and living with a “bad” back or other injury by taking pain medications and limiting your activity, acupuncture and other therapies may help you regain mobility and decrease pain. For inflammatory conditions, acupuncture is especially useful, since it can be safely used with Western medicines and supplemental therapies like massage no matter what pre-existing conditions you may have. Are you curious about acupuncture and alternative therapies?

The goal of acupuncture, if you are new to this type of treatment, is to balance out the body’s Qi, or energy. According to centuries of Chinese tradition, a balanced Qi results in robust health and wellness. Placement of acupuncture needles—which are fine, sterile, and painless—helps improve the flow of energy within the body at particular points related to injury and illness. For all of my clients, I design a custom plan based on the individual’s health concerns and other issues. When you visit our Wilmington office, you can be assured that your particular needs and history will inform your individual acupuncture plan.

If you are interested in learning more about acupuncture or would like to make an appointment with us for an evaluation, please call our Wilmington, NC office or use our online booking tool today!


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