Acupuncture for Leg Numbness


Acupuncture is Helping to Relieve the Numbness in My Leg

acupuncture for leg numbnessTo help me relieve numbness in my leg, my massage therapist suggested that I try a combination of massage and acupuncture for additional relief. My massage therapist, also a patient with Acupuncture Associates, highly recommended Robert. I am always open and willing to try natural healing methods, so I scheduled my first acupuncture appointment. I’ve been alternating massage therapy with acupuncture every other week for the past several months, and I find that it is indeed helping to relieve the numbness in my leg. Like any non-invasive healing treatment, it is a long-term approach, and one I plan to continue. Robert is an excellent healer, explaining the “what” and “why” of this practice in a way that really works for me.—P.Y.

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