Acupuncture for Migraine Relief


At Last!  A Doctor Who Listens and Explains Everything!

Woman having migraine headache.When I was suffering from debilitating migraine headaches, my mother and my sister both suggested that I go to Dr. Robert of Acupuncture Associates for help. I listened to their experiences, read up on the practice of acupuncture, and decided to give it try. I’ve been a regular patient for years now, not only using acupuncture for migraine relief, but for everything from those painful headaches to the sciatic nerve pain I experienced while pregnant with my third child.

I’m a scientist by profession, so I’m very curious. I like to ask a lot of questions and I like to understand exactly how things work. Dr. Robert is not only a great listener, he’s a great teacher. He answers all of my questions, explains his course of treatment in detail, shares information and theory, and fully includes me in my own acupuncture treatment process. We also talk about things beyond my physical symptoms; Dr. Robert is truly interested in understanding what’s going on in my life. Finding a friendly doctor who will treat me and satisfy my scientific curiosity is like finding a rare gem. Thank you, Dr. Robert! —B.H.


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