Acupuncture for Migraines (and a Broken Toe!)


acupuncture for migraines

I was experiencing persistent migraine headaches and having difficulty swallowing, two big obstacles for my work as a personal chef.  Doctors had prescribed medications intended to alleviate these problems, but I just wasn’t getting good results.  Whenever possible, I prefer listening to my body and finding natural solutions, so I decided to try acupuncture with Dr. Robert.

My first visit was such a refreshing change from a traditional medical visit.  Dr. Robert took the time to ask specific questions related to my own lifestyle, listen carefully, and create a customized treatment for me.  His approach was so different from the “blanket” treatments I had previously received; the entire process felt unrushed and relaxing.  And, acupuncture doesn’t hurt at all; in fact, I usually nap during my treatments!

Since working with Dr. Robert, my symptoms are greatly improved.  He’s also helped me with other occasional issues like indigestion and PMS.  But one particular visit really surprised and impressed me!  I had broken one of my toes.  It was swollen, bruised, and so painful that I could barely walk.  When I limped into Dr. Robert’s office for my regular appointment, he noticed my broken toe and told me that he could help alleviate the pain if I wanted him to work on my toe.  Of course, I did!  He explained that the blood pressure on the bone was causing much of the pain, and he eliminated that pressure.  By the end of my session, I walked (not limped) out of his office pain-free.  It was amazing!

That visit sums up what I like most about Acupuncture Associates; each visit is new and different, designed to treat me as an individual and address whatever my body may be experiencing at that time.  Plus, every detail of my appointment is a delight: I’ve never had a long wait (try that at other doctors’ offices!); I never feel rushed; the treatment room feels like a clean, fresh spa environment; and I leave feeling refreshed and relaxed.—L.E.

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