Acupuncture for Migraines


acupuncture for migrainesAs a “Type A” personality, I have suffered from severe migraines most of my life. While participating in a stressful, competitive, medical graduate school program at Duke University, my sister (who is a physical therapist) recommended a Five Elements acupuncturist to help alleviate my stress and resulting migraines. I found Dr. Robert via a Google search for an experienced acupuncturist who practiced this type of acupuncture.

As someone who works in the medical field, Dr. Robert’s intake really impressed me! A traditional intake usually lasts less than 30 minutes, but Dr. Robert devoted nearly two hours to learning about my personal and medical history. He explained how sometimes small details that may initially appear irrelevant could provide important insight into treating a patient’s symptoms.

As a medical professional, I also appreciated Dr. Robert’s respect for all healing disciplines. His approach to acupuncture doesn’t take away from Western medicine; rather, he uses his experience with Eastern medicine to complement and enhance the medical principles that I have studied and practiced. He is always willing to explain what he’s doing and why he’s using a particular approach.

In short, Dr. Robert is a phenomenal practitioner. He and his office staff are consummate professionals. And, not only have my stress levels and migraines dissipated, but as an added bonus, my skin has never looked better! I have recommended Dr. Robert to several of my friends, and I strongly recommend him to you! — A.S.

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