Acupuncture Leaves Me Feeling Restored


acupuncture for relaxationI began acupuncture treatments with Dr. Robert because of a digestive issue.  I wasn’t satisfied with the “take-a-pill-everyday-for-the-rest-of-your-life” solution that traditional medical doctors were proposing.  Dr. Robert approached my digestive problem in a holistic, comprehensive manner, showing me what foods to eat and when to eat them, as well as prescribing herbal supplements to repair, restore and rebuild my digestive system.  When I followed his treatment plan, my symptoms were greatly relieved.

I look forward to my appointments at Acupuncture Associates because I always feel so nurtured and pampered.  Dr. Robert spends lots of time talking with me and asking questions so he can focus on whatever my body may need during that particular visit.  He thoroughly explains his approach, and after inserting the needles (which is usually completely painless), he wraps my feet in a blanket, places an eye pillow over my eyes, puts on relaxing music, and settles me in for the best power nap!  It’s a restful experience that leaves me feeling absolutely restored.—S.S.

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