Acupuncture for Sprains


It happens to many of us in our busy, fast-paced lives. You’re in a hurry one morning, trying to get ready for work, and you trip over that unseen toy your child left in the hallway. Or, you miss that last step on the stairs, taking a tumble that leaves your ankle swollen and tender. With the advent of Spring and beautiful warm weather, many people resume outdoor running, tennis, or volleyball after months of inactivity, which can lead to painful sprains. Once you’ve ruled out a fracture with X-rays, you may wonder how to best treat your sprain. If you’ve never tried acupuncture, it is a safe, noninvasive method of treatment worth exploring.

With acupuncture, our goal is to increase the flow of Qi, or energy and blood, in the body. Increased Qi correlates with better circulation and may help decrease swelling and pain. Never heard of Qi? In traditional Chinese medicine, it is the life force for every individual. As a result, balancing the flow of Qi throughout the body helps to maintain overall health and wellness.

Typically, clients who visit our Wilmington, NC acupuncture practice are interested in acupuncture because they want a treatment plan that is safe and designed for them. With our initial assessment, we work to design a custom treatment plan designed to address the needs, interests, and health concerns of each client. An acupuncture treatment plan usually involves several visits and a gradual decrease in inflammatory symptoms as a result of rebalanced Qi and improved circulation.

We also sometimes suggest treatments complementary to acupuncture for clients suffering from sprains and joint inflammation. Complementary therapies, like massage, herbal supplements, and topical herbal applications, to decrease swelling and pain, work seamlessly with acupuncture. Acupuncture treatments can also be used safely in combination with most Western treatment plans, making them ideal for patients concerned about drug interaction and pain treatment for sprains and similar conditions.

Sprains and joint injuries require careful treatment, but acupuncture may be able to address some of the inflammation common to sprained ankles, wrists, and joints. Whether you are suffering from a one-time sprain or chronic joint swelling, acupuncture is a safe and effective choice. Please call us (910.798.8181) or use our online scheduling tool to book your first appointment with our Wilmington, NC office.


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