Acupuncture for Stroke Rehabilitation


acupuncture for stroke rehabilitationTwo years ago, I had a stroke that affected the entire left side of my body. My left hand was partially paralyzed, and I was unable to open my hand. After many medical treatments throughout the state, including visits with a rehabilitation pain specialist who injected botox into my arm, I was highly frustrated. Nothing was working. My nephew had experienced acupuncture before (his medical physician also practices acupuncture), and he described his own results as “amazing”. He suggested that I give acupuncture for stroke rehabilitation a try.

After my first visit with Robert, I could already see a slight improvement in my hand. Now, after three months of treatment, I can almost open my hand all of the way again. Robert is great! I’ve even noticed that my mind feels clearer as another bonus effect of my acupuncture treatments. I recommend him to everyone; in fact, just the other day I was telling my dentist about the success that I’ve had with Acupuncture Associates.— D.M.

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