Acupuncture Helps Me Live Successfully with a Torn Rotator Cuff


acupuncture for torn rotator cuffFor the past several years, I have been in severe, debilitating pain caused by a torn left rotator cuff – and I’m left handed. A couple of years ago an orthopedic specialist gave me a shot that helped for about one year. But then, the pain returned with a vengeance. I returned to the specialist and received an MRI and a second shot (the effects of which didn’t last nearly as long as the first injection). The scan revealed an old tear in an area that left two choices: surgery or do nothing.  If I chose surgery, it would reduce mobility in my left arm (due to a need to ‘clip’ the torn area), and there was no guarantee that the surgery would alleviate my pain. I didn’t want to risk it.  I chose to continue to suffer through the pain; it was at that point that my husband and I discovered Dr. Robert’s website and I scheduled an appointment.

When I met with Robert during my initial intake appointment, I appreciated that he was honest and very clear with me. He told me outright that he wouldn’t be able to ‘fix’ my torn rotator cuff, but that he would be able to help me manage the pain. And he has.

Years ago I had visited a different acupuncturist for something else. It wasn’t a terrible experience, but I certainly didn’t love it. From the moment I walked into Robert’s practice, however, I could tell that it was an all-around better setup. The whole setting is professional – from his demeanor to the exceptionally clean office space to the friendly, polite staff who call to confirm my appointments. Plus, he is always on time; I have never had to sit and wait for my appointment to begin and I’ve never felt like just a number.

I’m also impressed with Robert’s attentiveness and consideration for his patients. For example, throughout this past year I’ve also dealt with stomach issues, seasonal allergies, and eye surgery. During those times, Robert was very sensitive to my needs, modifying his treatments to accommodate me.

When I started my treatments in July 2013, I was in severe, catching pain that I would rate as a “10” on a scale 1 to 10 (“10” being the worst).  I received treatments once a week. Now, almost a year later, I have been able to reduce my visits to twice a month and my pain levels are very low. The amount of pain differs daily and is dependent on such variables as the weather and how much I’ve been using my left arm, but today I would consider my pain to be a “2” – and there are some days that I’m even lower. I plan to continue my acupuncture treatments, with a goal of visiting just once a month.

I’m not pain free, but acupuncture has significantly reduced the pain levels to where they’re manageable. I’m very happy with the results; Robert’s treatments are definitely worth the hour-long drive we make to his office.

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