I Appreciate Dr. Robert’s Approach to Total Body Healing


total body healing tinnitusMy massage therapist referred me to Acupuncture Associates to help alleviate the symptoms of tinnitus. I had experienced alternative medicine before, and I appreciate its total body healing approach. Dr. Robert is both personable and professional, and he has worked with me to relieve my symptoms with a holistic methodology.

Instead of looking for a quick fix, Dr. Robert has helped me consider lifestyle and diet modifications, and steered me toward beneficial activities such as yoga. It’s difficult to pinpoint exactly when or how I started feeling more comfortable and noticing relief of my symptoms, because for me, this has been a gradual process. Although the changes have been subtle and gradual, the entire process has been very beneficial. Just as my massage therapist recommended him to me, I am now happy to recommend Dr. Robert and Acupuncture Associates to you. —J.B.

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