Acupuncture for Rheumatoid Arthritis


acupuncture for rheumatoid arthritisI suffered from and was diagnosed with a severe case of rheumatoid arthritis—a normal rheumatoid factor is less than 15; mine was over 900! I felt intense pain everywhere from my knees to my wrists to my elbows to my shoulders. I was so sick that I could not function on the most basic levels—even moving from room to room was a challenge. Doctors told me that there was no cure for my arthritis and that the only way to manage the pain was with medication. The medication my doctor prescribed was so strong (or, in my opinion, toxic) that he also prescribed a supplement to protect my liver!

I turned to the internet in search of alternative treatments, and learned that others had found relief using non-traditional methodologies. One of the recommend forms of treatment was acupuncture. I hate needles, and never would have considered acupuncture had I not been so desperate to change my condition and manage my pain. I created my own treatment protocol, incorporating a variety of resources to restore my body’s balance from acupuncture to herbs to antibiotics (arthritis is an autoimmune disease caused by a germ that lives in the fluid of the joints).

Once, when I felt that I was coming down with a cold, I called Robert to cancel a scheduled acupuncture treatment. “No”, he replied, “if you think you’re getting a cold, then you must come in.” I went for my treatment, and sure enough, I did not get that cold. Robert and his wife, Renee, are both wonderful people. Robert’s office is very clean and professional; he has created a wonderfully soothing environment. I also appreciate that he listens and responds to my input, which is a refreshing change from my experience with those in the field of traditional medicine.

I can’t isolate just one thing that made the difference, but I can tell you that my use of antibiotics and multiple holistic treatments has made a significant impact on my health. Robert helped contribute to my recovery by restoring my electromagnetic fields and recommending herbs to strengthen my system. My progress has been slow, but steady as I’ve followed this unique protocol over the past two years: the last time I was tested my rheumatoid factor had decreased from 900 to 45! I have stopped taking all over-the-counter pain killers to manage the pain, and I am continuing to improve.— S.S.

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