Acupuncture for Conceiving; It Worked for Me!


acupuncture for conceivingWhen my husband and I got married several years ago, we immediately started trying for a baby. As the years went by and I didn’t become pregnant, we discussed the idea of IVF (In Vitro Fertilization), but we never actively pursued it as we both hoped we could find success with a less stressful and invasive option. I don’t like needles and abhorred the idea of being hooked to machines and poked with IVs. I had seen a couple of different doctors and tried some homeopathic herbs and oils, but nothing seemed to be working. A few friends who were aware that I was having fertility issues told me they knew people who had found success with acupuncture.

I started researching acupuncture for fertility issues and found Dr. Robert’s website. Although his practice is in Wilmington, NC, and I live more than 2 hours away in Newport, the reviews and testimonials I read online convinced me that Dr. Robert was worth the drive.

As described on the website, the first visit was incredibly thorough—I was there for nearly three hours! That was my first indicator that this experience would be very different from Western medicine. Dr. Robert gave me my first treatment that day following our initial meeting. Then, much to my surprise, he actually called me a day or two later to follow up on how I was feeling! That was the first time a doctor has ever called me with a personal follow-up call.

Within a few months, I started to notice subtle changes. My monthly cycle was more regular and my body temperature was increasing. I had regular treatments and took herbal supplements for 15 months— the process took longer than I anticipated—but it worked! I am delighted to say my husband and I are expecting our first baby in just a few months. Although it took a while, the process felt gentle, stress-free and respectful to my body and spirit. Even though I still don’t like to look at those tiny needles during my treatments, when it comes to acupuncture, I’m “sold for life.” I plan to continue my treatments throughout my pregnancy as studies have shown that pregnant women who get regular acupuncture have easier and more relaxed deliveries than those who do not.

Throughout the 15 months of treatment, Dr. acupuncture for conceivingRobert advised me to be patient and trust in the process. It was easy to trust him because he is a wealth of knowledge and his presentation of information is so interesting and accessible. It’s a little harder to be patient now that we are preparing for the new addition to our family…. But, we are picking out names and waiting to be surprised as to whether we will greet a boy or a girl in the delivery room. — L.B.

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