Acupuncture Is Key to Maintaining My Healthy Lifestyle


acupuncture for health maintenanceEver since an acupuncturist cured my tennis elbow years ago, I have appreciated the overall health benefits of acupuncture. So much so, in fact, that I have studied the art of acupuncture and have taken classes in Chinese medicine. For me, regular acupuncture treatments keep my system in balance.

Thus, when I moved to the Wilmington area, I immediately began looking for an acupuncturist. I found Robert at his booth at a local health expo where he was offering a special introductory session for expo attendees, so I scheduled an appointment.

I love the atmosphere of Acupuncture Associates; it is exceptionally nice. Other acupuncture facilities I had frequented were composed of sterile, white rooms where the practitioners inserted the needles and then quickly exited, leaving me in isolation. Acupuncture Associates, however, is the complete opposite. Robert makes sure that I’m at ease, both with him and his environment. There are soothing sounds throughout the office: a fountain when you enter, soft music playing in the background, a wave machine in the rooms. It’s a spa-like experience.

I have long credited acupuncture for warding off chronic illnesses, but thanks to Robert, I realize more than ever its healing benefits for temporary maladies as well.  For example, this past winter, there was a horrible strain of the flu going around; it wasn’t uncommon for people to suffer with it for three weeks. At one point, I became congested and just wasn’t feeling well. Afraid that I was coming down with that nasty bug, I called to cancel my appointment with Robert.

When his receptionist told him why I was canceling, he had her ask me a series of questions. Based on my responses, he felt confident that he could help me bypass the full extent of the illness. Needless to say, I went ahead with my treatment and added some zinc, Vitamin C and natural Chinese herbs. Within three days I was back to my normal, healthy self.

I have never before been in such a beautiful, healing environment. Nor have I ever been so impressed with an acupuncturist. Not only is Robert extremely personable, but he’s also extremely knowledgeable. He uses fewer needles than typical acupuncturists, which is proof to me of his skill, wisdom, and confidence in his abilities. – B.R.

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