Acupuncture for Hip Pain


My Hip Pain is Gone Thanks to Dr. Robert’s Holistic Approach

acupuncture for hip painMy massage therapist referred me to Acupuncture Associates when I was experiencing chronic hip pain more than a year ago.  I had received acupuncture once before at a chiropractor’s office, but Dr. Robert’s approach is very different.  Whereas the chiropractor targeted a specific area, Dr. Robert took a more holistic approach to my hip pain, considering my complete medical history in a way that gave me total confidence in his methodology.  Within a couple of months, my hip pain had subsided, but I still go for regular treatments because Dr. Robert’s style of acupuncture contributes to my total well-being.  He has successfully treated lots of minor aches and pains that result from day-to-day living and general stresses to the body.  I always leave feeling calm, relaxed and restored. — S.H.

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