I Restored My Health and Lost 50 Pounds with Acupuncture! (Results not typical. Individual results will vary)


In June, 2007, I was injured on my job as a nurse when a patient broke two of my ribs and damaged my spleen. The physicians would not acknowledge possible spleen damage because I did not exhibit the classic symptoms. After suffering for six months, I decided to consult an acupuncturist at the recommendation of an instructor. In addition to being a nurse, I was training to become a massage therapist, at that time.I was familiar with the basic tenants of Traditional Chinese Medicine through my course work at school. When I heard of Robert and knew he was American, I wondered if I should look for an acupuncturist with a Chinese background. However, when I met Robert, the depth of his insight and knowledge convinced me I had made a wise choice. Following a thorough intake of physical, emotional, and spiritual history, Robert suggested a strict eating plan to heal my spleen. This eating plan, combined with biweekly acupuncture treatments, brought about immediate results of balancing my systems and healing my spleen damage. Not only did I no longer become sick after eating, but also lost nearly fifty pounds in the process without intentionally focusing on weight loss.

Robert’s practice is an hour drive from my home, but the acupuncture treatments have been well worth the drive! I try to see him once every six or eight weeks for general well being and maintenance of health. Last year, I completed my degree and certification in massage therapy and now work as a nurse and professional massage therapist. Robert has been very generous in recommending books, demonstrating techniques, and offering insight on how to strengthen my mind-body connection for optimal health.

Thanks to my work with Robert, I have achieved a new level of serenity and a passionate commitment to Traditional Chinese Medicine. Because acupuncture has become such a rich and rewarding experience for me, I regularly encourage others to seek the benefits that I have discovered from this ancient healing practice. I want to take this opportunity to thank Robert for adding such a vital dimension to my life through his expertise and sensitivity as a practitioner.
G LPN, LMBT – Dublin, NC