Acupuncture for IBS Symptoms


Dr. Robert Found the Real Causes of My Misdiagnosed Symptoms

acupuncture for ibs symptomsDoctors had diagnosed me with IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), a blanket diagnosis that can cover a multitude of symptoms.  Although they had given me a diagnosis, the doctors hadn’t given me an effective treatment plan.  They had prescribed the same ‘band-aid’ treatments traditionally recommended for patients with this diagnosis.  Growing increasingly frustrated with the pain and problems I was experiencing, I decided to consider acupuncture for IBS symptoms as a last resort.  My mother researched the field and learned of Dr. Robert and Acupuncture Associates.

From my first consultation with Dr. Robert, I felt an immense sense of relief.  I had finally found someone who was treating me as an individual, not just as a number in a group study.  Instead of running through a check list of ‘typical’ IBS-related symptoms, Dr. Robert focused on my personal details, including my very irregular periods.  He was so helpful, and I felt like he was really educating me about how to understand and work with my body.

“This is not IBS”, Doctor Robert explained as he identified another issue that was creating similar symptoms.  Within six months, I was feeling remarkably better, and within a couple of years, my menstrual cycles had returned to normal.  They’ve been normal for more than a year.  I live out of town now, so I don’t get to see Dr. Robert regularly, but I’m still feeling the positive effects from my treatment with him.  I still use stress management techniques and dietary suggestions he gave me, and I definitely plan on trying to book an appointment with him the next time I visit Wilmington.—K.M.

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