Why This Doctor is a Patient of Acupuncture Associates


patient of acupuncture associates“As a doctor (also raised and married into families of doctors), I have been fortunate enough to have the knowledge, resources and connections to deal with most any medical issue. Yet, I have suffered from debilitating migraines for the past twenty-five years.

Believe me; I tried everything to get to the root cause of my severe migraines: blood testing, allergy testing, neurological workups, nutritional counseling, MRIs, CAT scans, contrast studies, and further testing at specialty research labs in the Raleigh-Durham Triangle. I also tried everything I could think of to treat the pain: spinal injections, Botox injections, dietary changes (nondairy and gluten free), anti-seizure medications, nutritional whole food and various other marketed migraine supplements, chiropractor treatments with spinal decompression, contemplation of having a titanium disk placed in my cervical (neck) region, you name it!

I reached a point where I couldn’t work for three months because of the daily debilitating pain. As a busy wife, mother and doctor of veterinary medicine, I couldn’t afford to spend days (let alone months!) lying in misery in dark, quiet rooms trying to reduce the pain with ice packs and injections. Not to mention the frustration and disappointment of not being able to be a part of the daily lives of my two young boys; missing out on soccer games, field trips, movies and birthday parties. With a letter of support from my father-in-law, an OBGYN, I took the drastic and unconventional action of having my ovaries removed to force early menopause because research had shown, and family members who also suffered from migraines had confirmed, less severe headaches after menopause. I enjoyed a one-year reprieve following the surgery, but then the migraines returned with a vengeance.

Determined to find a solution, I considered exploring acupuncture as a next step. As a vet, I’m fully aware of how well acupuncture works with animals, so why hadn’t I tried it myself? As it so happens, my husband’s practice is right across the street from the Acupuncture Associates office. I Googled it and read up on Robert’s training and background. What I saw impressed me, so I scheduled an appointment. After devoting a considerable amount of time to a comprehensive intake, Robert told me that I was a great candidate for acupuncture. Furthermore, given my extreme pain for so many years, he was certain that acupuncture would offer immediate, radical relief.

His claims were not unfounded. Within four to six weeks, acupuncture has literally changed my life. I can’t get over the difference! I had been to specialists in the double digits, but Robert was the first person to employ a holistic approach to realign my body’s systems in order to alleviate, and ultimately prevent, migraine-related pain. I am very impressed by him and view Robert as a top-notch health professional. He is also compassionate and truly cares about his work and his patients.

I can’t believe acupuncture was the last solution I tried, when it should have been the first. Not once in twenty-five years did anyone – including my medical family, who cares deeply about my situation – ever mention acupuncture. That’s how out of the mainstream it is. I now see it as my personal responsibility to promote the benefits of acupuncture so that it becomes a viable mainstream solution for others. Why shouldn’t it be included in the arsenal of healthcare options? I hope that, as a very satisfied patient and a medical professional, my story and my recommendation of Acupuncture Associates will go far.” –Dr. Danielle Kettelkamp

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