For Me, Acupuncture Is Reversing Side Effects of Statins


reversing side effects of statinsA few years ago, when I was in my early 70s, I visited my doctor and discovered that my cholesterol was high. My husband also has high cholesterol, and had been taking a group of drugs known as statins for years with no difficulty. My doctor put me on the exact same medication, but I experienced rare, yet terrible (and terrifying!) side effects.

For the week I took the drug, and thereafter, I experienced severe cramping in my thighs and legs—I couldn’t walk; I couldn’t sleep; and, I was concerned that the drugs had done permanent damage to my body. I feared I might end up in a wheelchair – not even OxyContin could help relieve the pain.

After discontinuing the prescription medication, I tried taking Red Rice Yeast instead. Red Rice Yeast is an all-natural, organic, homeopathic treatment, and I was hopeful that it would lower my cholesterol naturally. Unfortunately, I experienced the same horrific side effects. It turns out that statins contain the same compounds as Red Rice Yeast. The worst part was that even when I stopped taking the statins and the yeast, I still felt residual pain. I was worried that I’d never be pain-free again.

It was that feeling of desperation and fear that led me to acupuncture. My daughter researched different acupuncturists online, and recommended Acupuncture Associates. After my first appointment with Robert, I knew my daughter had chosen wisely. I was just amazed! Robert is a wonderful person, and through my acupuncture treatments, my pain dissipated. It was so effective that I had him treat my arthritis, too.

Because I loved what acupuncture was doing for my health and well-being, I even convinced my husband to make an appointment with Robert. My husband was in the service and has suffered continual back problems from an injury he sustained decades ago while on active duty. Acupuncture helped provide relief, and my husband quickly became a believer, too!  In fact, we were both feeling so good, we travele to Northern Michigan, where we own property.  Thanks to Robert, we were able to empty the whole house on our own—something we never would have been able to accomplish just a few months ago! —Bonnie S.

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