Acupuncture for Skin Problems


acupuncture for skin problemsFor a decade, I suffered from a mysterious, recurring skin irritation that caused itching and severe discomfort. I had consulted my family doctor, allergists and dermatologists to no avail.

As a last resort, I turned to acupuncture. I admit that I was very skeptical, but I figured if the Chinese had been practicing this form of medicine for thousands of years, there must be something to it.

During my initial visit, Dr. Robert spent almost 4 hours with me, which could very well be more time than all of my other doctors combined! By my fourth visit, I started to notice a longer period of time between each episodic breakout. Three months later, I have no symptoms. I’m sleeping well and feeling great despite a period of stress as I coordinate a move halfway across the state! When modern medicine couldn’t help, acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine did. Thank you, Dr. Robert, for the wonderful work that you do. — L.R.

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