Acupuncture Saves the Day for Superwoman!


acupuncture for stressI have a history of trying to be Superwoman – I run two businesses, two households, and I’m caring for my sister and an aging relative, as well as helping my daughter plan her wedding. I had become so stressed that my hair was literally falling out and my moderate-to-severe arthritis in my hips was becoming harder to ignore.

As you might imagine, I don’t like anything to slow me down, and I certainly didn’t want my arthritis to interfere with my paddle boarding, kayaking, and spinning.

My sister recommended that I go see Dr. Robert, who had helped her alleviate pain due to a severe medical condition. I prefer natural healing to Western medicine, so at my sister’s urging, I contacted Acupuncture Associates and scheduled an appointment. I was immediately impressed by Dr. Robert’s professionalism and warmth, as well as his listening skills. He spends lots of time with me, is attentive to my needs, and makes me feel comfortable. For example, in addition to my stress level, which was my primary reason for coming to him, our discussions led me to also share about occasional hot flashes and vertigo.

In just my first few treatments with Dr. Robert, I noticed a big difference in my stress levels. My hot flashes and vertigo are now milder too. Before each visit, I do a fully “body scan” and share any challenges I might be facing. Acupuncture is definitely making an impact across the board. It feels like preventative health care, and the environment is so relaxing, I find myself looking forward to each visit.—S.H.


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