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The Practice

Robert’s intake is the most impressive I’ve encountered!

As a “Type A” personality, I have suffered from severe migraines most of my life. While participating in a stressful, competitive, medical graduate school program at Duke University, my sister (who is a physical therapist) recommended a Five Elements acupuncturist to help alleviate my stress and resulting migraines. I found Robert via a Google search for an experienced acupuncturist who practiced this type of acupuncture.As someone who works in the medical field, Robert’s intake really impressed me! A traditional intake usually lasts less than 30 minutes, but Robert devoted nearly two hours to learning about my personal and medical history. He explained how sometimes small details that may initially appear irrelevant could provide important insight into treating a patient’s symptoms.

As a medical professional, I also appreciated Robert’s respect for all healing disciplines. His approach to acupuncture doesn’t take away from Western medicine; rather, he uses his experience with Eastern medicine to complement and enhance the medical principles that I have studied and practiced. He is always willing to explain what he’s doing and why he’s using a particular approach.

In short, Robert is a phenomenal practitioner. He and his office staff are consummate professionals. And, not only have my stress levels and migraines dissipated, but as an added bonus, my skin has never looked better! I have recommended Robert to several of my friends, and I strongly recommend him to you!
A – Wilmington, NC

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Robert found the real causes of my misdiagnosed symptoms.

Doctors had diagnosed me with IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), a blanket diagnosis that can cover a multitude of symptoms. Although they had given me a diagnosis, the doctors hadn’t given me an effective treatment plan. They had prescribed the same ‘band-aid’ treatments traditionally recommended for patients with this diagnosis. Growing increasingly frustrated with the pain and problems I was experiencing, I decided to consider acupuncture as a last resort. My mother researched the field and learned of Robert and Acupuncture Associates.From my first consultation with Robert, I felt an immense sense of relief. I had finally found someone who was treating me as an individual, not just as a number in a group study. Instead of running through a check list of ‘typical’ IBS-related symptoms, Robert focused on my personal details, including my very irregular periods. He was so helpful, and I felt like he was really educating me about how to understand and work with my body.”This is not IBS”, Robert explained as he identified another issue that was creating similar symptoms. Within six months, I was feeling remarkably better, and within a couple of years, my menstrual cycles had returned to normal. They’ve been normal for more than a year. I live out of town now, so I don’t get to see Robert regularly, but I’m still feeling the positive effects from my treatment with him. I still use stress management techniques and dietary suggestions he gave me, and I definitely plan on trying to book an appointment with him the next time I visit Wilmington, NC.
K – Burlington, NC

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At last! A doctor who listens and explains everything.

When I was suffering from debilitating migraine headaches, my mother and my sister both suggested that I go to Robert of Acupuncture Associates, in Wilmington, for help. I listened to their experiences, read up on the practice of acupuncture, and decided to give it try. I’ve been a regular patient for years now, finding relief with everything from those painful headaches to the sciatic nerve pain I experienced while pregnant with my third child.I’m a scientist by profession, so I’m very curious. I like to ask a lot of questions and I like to understand exactly how things work. Robert is not only a great listener, he’s a great teacher. He answers all of my questions, explains his course of treatment in detail, shares information and theory, and fully includes me in my own acupuncture treatment process. We also talk about things beyond my physical symptoms; Robert is truly interested in understanding what’s going on in my life. Finding a friendly doctor who will treat me and satisfy my scientific curiosity is like finding a rare gem. Thank you, Robert!
B – Wilmington, NC

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As a nurse, I give Robert’s bedside manner top marks!

I was a student in the Tai Chi course Robert teaches at the YMCA; he’s an incredible Tai Chi instructor! After an accident in which I sustained traumatic brain injury that affected my balance and blood pressure, I consulted Robert for his acupuncture services. I’m a nurse by profession, and I give high compliments to his wonderful bedside manner. I’m very pleased with his work and I’ll be back!
C – Wilmington, NC

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I appreciate Robert’s total body approach to healing.

My massage therapist referred me to Acupuncture Associates in Wilmington to help alleviate the symptoms of tinnitus. I had experienced alternative medicine before, and I appreciate its total-body approach. Robert is both personable and professional, and he has worked with me to relieve my symptoms with a holistic methodology.Instead of looking for a quick fix, Robert has helped me consider lifestyle and diet modifications, and steered me toward beneficial activities such as yoga. It’s difficult to pinpoint exactly when or how I started feeling more comfortable and noticing relief of my symptoms, because for me, this has been a gradual process. Although the changes have been subtle and gradual, the entire process has been very beneficial. Just as my massage therapist recommended him to me, I am now happy to recommend Robert and Acupuncture Associates to you.
J – Ocean Isle Beach, NC

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The Experience

I was nervous about acupuncture, but now I’m a huge fan!

For years, I suffered from debilitating hormonal migraine headaches—the kind that brought me to tears and forced me to spend a few days bed-ridden until I could manage the pain. I tried all kinds of prescription drugs, but they didn’t really help; I thought I would just have to live with this for the rest of my life. Then, my husband met Robert through a business networking group. After learning about Acupuncture Associates and the success Robert had in treating other women with similar problems, my husband suggested that I give it a try.I had never been exposed to any alternative medicine or energy work, and I was so uncomfortable with the “kooky” idea of someone sticking “needles” in me, I decided to speak to my pastor about it. He approved, explaining that acupuncture is an acceptable ancient practice that has been around for centuries. I don’t know what I was worried about.I still have occasional, mild headaches, but those unbearable, incapacitating headaches are gone! I look forward to my treatments now, and I hate missing one if I’m out of town. Robert has the best bedside manner—he’s caring and attentive, and the needles don’t hurt at all. In fact, usually I fall asleep during the treatments. It’s fantastic! I can actually feel the energy moving through my body– such a good feeling.The environment at Acupuncture Associates in Wilmington feels very professional. In fact, it’s much cleaner than any doctor’s office or practitioner’s office that I’ve ever seen. It’s a very comfortable space. Now I’m a huge advocate for acupuncture. It’s been so effective for me that I’ve even brought my nine-year-old daughter for help with a problem she was having. After just two treatments, my daughter’s problem was gone!
TS – Wilmington, NC

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Acupuncture is my preferred form of preventative medicine.

Although I appreciate the importance of modern medicine, I’m not a big fan of doctors, prescriptions, or pills. I have health insurance, and I can go to regular doctors, but I choose not to whenever possible. The idea of acupuncture intrigued me, so two years ago I suggested to my then-boyfriend (soon-to-be husband) that an acupuncture treatment would make a great birthday gift. Turns out it was a gift that keeps on giving! Initially, Robert helped to clear up my migraine headaches, but now I go to him monthly for what I considered “preventative medicine”. Some people schedule massages or manicures and pedicures to maintain their well-being; I choose acupuncture.One reason is because Robert is such a great listener. I’ve been to regular doctors who just walk in to diagnose and prescribe something without even spending five minutes talking to me. Sometimes Robert and I will converse for close to thirty minutes before he even touches a needle. I have referred a few friends to Acupuncture Associates in Wilmington, all of whom have been more than pleased with his work. My mother also suffers from migraines and even though she lives a few hours outside of Wilmington, I strongly believe that it’s worth making the trip to be treated by Robert. What else can I say except that I’m a huge fan? I love acupuncture!
A – Wilmington, NC

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I tell everyone to go to Acupuncture Associates!

After my first visit with Robert at Acupuncture Associates in Wilmington, I became a raving fan—literally! It was so easy to talk to Robert and he was so thorough with his initial consult, I knew that I would make great progress in his care. Our very first session went above and beyond any medical consult I have ever experienced.As I exited the treatment room, two women in the waiting room asked me how my appointment went and what my feelings were about my session. As I recall, I said, “Absolutely phenomenal!” I was grinning from ear to ear and I promised the receptionist that I would recommend Robert to everyone I knew. That afternoon, at lunch, I spoke highly of him to my waiter; later in the day, at a business meeting, I told my girlfriend about Robert; that same evening I shared my feelings and Robert’s initial findings with my husband. Now, he can’t wait to meet the good doctor too!It is so encouraging to know that Robert takes such pride in his work and cares so much about his patients. In just one visit, he made me feel both comfortable and nurtured. My hopes of living pain-free have been restored, and I feel I have a great chance of a much brighter and happier future.
D – Wilmington, NC

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I want to tell everyone to go to Acupuncture Associates to feel better!

I had never had acupuncture before, so of course I was nervous, but I suffered from severe headaches that affected my work and my every day routine. I was experiencing these pains from two days a week to everyday and no other treatment gave me relief, so when I heard good things about Robert and Acupuncture Associates of Wilmington, NC, I decided to give it a try.They guaranteed the acupuncture treatments would not hurt and that I would feel better or I would get my money back. After just two treatments, the headaches were occurring less and after four treatments they were completely gone.To go from frequent severe headaches that had me lying in a dark room and kept me from working to being pain-free in four treatments is amazing! I want to tell everyone to go to Acupuncture Associates to feel better. Why suffer?
R – Wilmington, NC

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Acupuncture treatments leave me feeling restored.

I began acupuncture treatments with Robert because of a digestive issue. I wasn’t satisfied with the “take-a-pill-everyday-for-the-rest-of-your-life” solution that traditional medical doctors were proposing. Robert approached my digestive problem in a holistic, comprehensive manner, showing me what foods to eat and when to eat them, as well as prescribing herbal supplements to repair, restore and rebuild my digestive system. When I followed his treatment plan, my symptoms were greatly relieved.I look forward to my appointments at Acupuncture Associates in Wilmington because I always feel so nurtured and pampered. Robert spends lots of time talking with me and asking questions so he can focus on whatever my body may need during that particular visit. He thoroughly explains his approach, and after inserting the needles (which is usually completely painless), he wraps my feet in a blanket, places an eye pillow over my eyes, puts on relaxing music, and settles me in for the best power nap! It’s a restful experience that leaves me feeling absolutely restored.
SS – Wilmington, NC

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Acupuncture changed my outlook on life.

For more than six years, I have dealt with infertility issues. I eventually resorted to IVF (in vitro fertilization). The first IVF did not yield the results I wanted: 8 eggs were retrieved, 7 were fertilized, and all of them died before making it to Day 5. At the end of my first IVF retrieval transfer process, I started acupuncture treatments. Although I am open-minded about alternative medicine, I must confess that I was still feeling skeptical about acupuncture. The interview process did a lot to reassure me. The environment felt very nurturing, and Robert took a lot of time to talk to me and understand my history; it was fantastic!Even during the first treatment, the effects went well beyond what I had imagined. I could actually feel warmth around the needles that felt like energy circulating through my body. It was ten times more relaxing than I expected!During my first few months of acupuncture treatment, I started another cycle of IVF. This time, the results were quite different: 10 healthier, better-quality eggs were retrieved, 8 were fertilized, and 5 eggs made it beyond Day 5. That’s a 500% improvement!Although I still haven’t met my initial goal of getting pregnant, acupuncture has transformed my relationship to my body, my sleeping patterns have changed. I now feel rested and full of energy, which has, in turn, changed my attitude. A sense of peace has replaced the intense frustration that I felt before, and during this last cycle of IVF, I was able to focus on the process instead of the end result.Although my husband and I are still undecided about whether we will undergo another round of in vitro fertilization, we are sure about one thing: I intended to continue acupuncture treatments; the experience has been phenomenal! In the process of trying to accomplish my goal of having a child, I have learned how to relax my body. That itself is an accomplishment.
E – Wilmington, NC

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The Outcomes

Why this Doctor is a patient of Acupuncture Associates.

As a doctor (also raised and married into families of doctors), I have been fortunate enough to have the knowledge, resources and connections to deal with most any medical issue. Yet, I have suffered from debilitating migraines for the past twenty-five years.Believe me; I tried everything to get to the root cause of my severe migraines: blood testing, allergy testing, neurological workups, nutritional counseling, MRIs, CAT scans, contrast studies, and further testing at specialty research labs in the Raleigh-Durham Triangle. I also tried everything I could think of to treat the pain: spinal injections, Botox injections, dietary changes (nondairy and gluten free), anti-seizure medications, nutritional whole food and various other marketed migraine supplements, chiropractor treatments with spinal decompression, contemplation of having a titanium disk placed in my cervical (neck) region, you name it!I reached a point where I couldn’t work for three months because of the daily debilitating pain. As a busy wife, mother and doctor of veterinary medicine, I couldn’t afford to spend days (let alone months!) lying in misery in dark, quiet rooms trying to reduce the pain with ice packs and injections. Not to mention the frustration and disappointment of not being able to be a part of the daily lives of my two young boys; missing out on soccer games, field trips, movies and birthday parties. With a letter of support from my father-in-law, an OBGYN, I took the drastic and unconventional action of having my ovaries removed to force early menopause because research had shown, and family members who also suffered from migraines had confirmed, less severe headaches after menopause. I enjoyed a one-year reprieve following the surgery, but then the migraines returned with a vengeance.Determined to find a solution, I considered exploring acupuncture as a next step. As a vet, I’m fully aware of how well acupuncture works with animals, so why hadn’t I tried it myself? As it so happens, my husband’s practice is right across the street from the Acupuncture Associates office. I Googled it and read up on Robert’s training and background. What I saw impressed me, so I scheduled an appointment. After devoting a considerable amount of time to a comprehensive intake, Robert told me that I was a great candidate for acupuncture. Furthermore, given my extreme pain for so many years, he was certain that acupuncture would offer immediate, radical relief.His claims were not unfounded. Within four to six weeks, acupuncture has literally changed my life. I can’t get over the difference! I had been to specialists in the double digits, but Robert was the first person to employ a holistic approach to realign my body’s systems in order to alleviate, and ultimately prevent, migraine-related pain. I am very impressed by him and view Robert as a top-notch health professional. He is also compassionate and truly cares about his work and his patients.I can’t believe acupuncture was the last solution I tried, when it should have been the first. Not once in twenty-five years did anyone – including my medical family, who cares deeply about my situation – ever mention acupuncture. That’s how out of the mainstream it is. I now see it as my personal responsibility to promote the benefits of acupuncture so that it becomes a viable mainstream solution for others. Why shouldn’t it be included in the arsenal of healthcare options? I hope that, as a very satisfied patient and a medical professional, my story and my recommendation of Acupuncture Associates will go far.
Dr. Danielle Kettelkamp – Wilmington, NC

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I’m finally expecting my first baby thanks to acupuncture!

When my husband and I got married several years ago, we immediately started trying for a baby. As the years went by and I didn’t become pregnant, we discussed the idea of IVF (In Vitro Fertilization), but we never actively pursued it as we both hoped we could find success with a less stressful and invasive option. I don’t like needles and abhorred the idea of being hooked to machines and poked with IVs. I had seen a couple of different doctors and tried some homeopathic herbs and oils, but nothing seemed to be working. A few friends who were aware that I was having fertility issues told me they knew people who had found success with acupuncture.I started researching acupuncture for fertility issues and found Robert’s website. Although his practice, Acupuncture Associates, is in Wilmington, NC, and I live more than 2 hours away in Newport, the reviews and testimonials I read online convinced me that Robert was worth the drive.

As described on their website, the first visit was incredibly thorough—I was there for nearly three hours! That was my first indicator that this experience would be very different from Western medicine. Robert gave me my first treatment that day, following our initial meeting. Then, much to my surprise, he actually called me a day or two later to follow up on how I was feeling! That was the first time a doctor has ever called me with a personal follow-up call.

Within a few months, I started to notice subtle changes. My monthly cycle was more regular and my body temperature was increasing. I had regular treatments and took herbal supplements for 15 months— the process took longer than I anticipated—but it worked! I am delighted to say my husband and I are expecting our first baby in just a few months. Although it took a while, the process felt gentle, stress-free and respectful to my body and spirit. Even though I still don’t like to look at those tiny needles during my treatments, when it comes to acupuncture, I’m “sold for life.” I plan to continue my treatments throughout my pregnancy as studies have shown that pregnant women who get regular acupuncture have easier and more relaxed deliveries than those who do not.

Throughout the 15 months of treatment, Robert advised me to be patient and trust in the process. It was easy to trust him because he is a wealth of knowledge and his presentation of information is so interesting and accessible. It’s a little harder to be patient now that we are preparing for the new addition to our family…. But, we are picking out names and waiting to be surprised as to whether we will greet a boy or a girl in the delivery room.
L – Newport, NC

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Acupuncture was my “last resort” and my first sign of relief!

For a decade, I suffered from a mysterious, recurring skin irritation that caused itching and severe discomfort. I had consulted my family doctor, allergists and dermatologists to no avail. As a last resort, I turned to acupuncture. I admit that I was very skeptical, but I figured if the Chinese had been practicing this form of medicine for thousands of years, there must be something to it.During my initial visit, Robert spent almost 4 hours with me, which could very well be more time than all of my other doctors combined! By my fourth visit, I started to notice a longer period of time between each episodic breakout. Three months later, I have no symptoms. I’m sleeping well and feeling great despite a period of stress as I coordinate a move halfway across the state! When modern medicine couldn’t help, acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine did. Thank you, Robert, for the wonderful work that you do.
L – Wilmington, NC

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I restored my health and lost 50 pounds with acupuncture!

In June, 2007, I was injured on my job as a nurse when a patient broke two of my ribs and damaged my spleen. The physicians would not acknowledge possible spleen damage because I did not exhibit the classic symptoms. After suffering for six months, I decided to consult an acupuncturist at the recommendation of an instructor. In addition to being a nurse, I was training to become a massage therapist, at that time.I was familiar with the basic tenants of Traditional Chinese Medicine through my course work at school. When I heard of Robert and knew he was American, I wondered if I should look for an acupuncturist with a Chinese background. However, when I met Robert, the depth of his insight and knowledge convinced me I had made a wise choice. Following a thorough intake of physical, emotional, and spiritual history, Robert suggested a strict eating plan to heal my spleen. This eating plan, combined with biweekly acupuncture treatments, brought about immediate results of balancing my systems and healing my spleen damage. Not only did I no longer become sick after eating, but also lost nearly fifty pounds in the process without intentionally focusing on weight loss.Robert’s practice is an hour drive from my home, but the acupuncture treatments have been well worth the drive! I try to see him once every six or eight weeks for general well being and maintenance of health. Last year, I completed my degree and certification in massage therapy and now work as a nurse and professional massage therapist. Robert has been very generous in recommending books, demonstrating techniques, and offering insight on how to strengthen my mind-body connection for optimal health.Thanks to my work with Robert, I have achieved a new level of serenity and a passionate commitment to Traditional Chinese Medicine. Because acupuncture has become such a rich and rewarding experience for me, I regularly encourage others to seek the benefits that I have discovered from this ancient healing practice. I want to take this opportunity to thank Robert for adding such a vital dimension to my life through his expertise and sensitivity as a practitioner.
G LPN, LMBT – Dublin, NC

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After three treatments the severe pain was gone.

I had suffered from soreness in my hands for six years and the pain at the base of both thumbs was worsening and affecting my job as a clinical social worker.I had heard that acupuncture could help, but it was important to me to work only with a nationally board certified acupuncturist. I chose Acupuncture Associates in Wilmington after checking listings on the North Carolina Commission of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine web site and speaking with them by telephone.
P – Whiteville, NC

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Acupuncture helped me quit smoking without gaining weight.

I started smoking as a teenager, and had been a smoker for 17 years when I went to see Robert of Acupuncture Associates. I had tried all of the usual methods to stop smoking—quitting ‘cold turkey’, weaning myself off of smoking with the nicotine patch, nicotine replacement gum – you name it. Nothing ever worked.But as I planned a wedding with my fiancé, and as we dreamed of our new life and starting a family together, I knew that I didn’t want that life to include smoking. I still don’t know how he did it, but Robert helped me quit the smoking habit once and for all! You often hear about people gaining weight when they quit smoking (essentially replacing one habit with another), but that didn’t happen with Robert’s treatment. I didn’t gain any weight, and my wedding dress fit perfectly!It’s been almost a full year since I’ve lit up a cigarette, and I couldn’t be happier. I’ve got a wonderful new husband and a fantastic new smoke-free life. Now, to get started on that family…
TG – Wilmington, NC

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Acupuncture helps me manage depression holistically.

I suffered from severe depression for five years without finding relief; often, I couldn’t even get out of bed! The Western medications prescribed for depression didn’t work for me; I was also worried about the trial-and-error approach to finding a medication that would control my symptoms. I had always considered chiropractic and acupuncture sciences to be too “hocus-pocus”, but I had read several articles that identified acupuncture as a way to help with depression. Although a bit leery about this science, I was so desperate for relief, I Googled “acupuncture, wilmington, nc” and discovered Acupuncture Associates. When I saw that the website address was actually, it felt like an answer to my prayers.I called to schedule an appointment and immediately started crying. Renée was kind and sensitive, and she told me not to worry, help was on its way. When I went to see Robert a week later, he spent almost three hours with me, pouring over my background to learn the details of my lifestyle. His compassion was incredible; as I shared my history and my frustration, his eyes welled with tears of genuine empathy. At last I had found someone who truly cared! When Robert told me that he could help me, I felt hope for the first time in years.Acupuncture was neither an overnight fix nor a cure for my depression; I liken my journey to weight loss, the process has been gradual with occasional dips and plateaus, and I still have to maintain and manage my depression just as others do their weight. But when I look back on my mental state then compared to where I am now, all I can say is: “Wow! I can’t believe the difference!” I still get depressed sometimes, but the feelings are not nearly as “low” as I was when I first visited him. Having Robert on my “team” has been a huge help. I used to feel alone in my fight against depression, but not anymore. Robert has taught me that if my mood “dips”, I should call him for a treatment instead of waiting until my regularly scheduled appointment.The wisdom and the tools Robert has given me help me to manage my depression. Throughout my healing process, Robert has taken the time to talk with me for at least a half-hour during each session, always giving me a few lifestyle changes to work on between our appointments: sometimes it’s a tip like: “When you’re feeling down, press right here on your ear”; other times, he recommends things like eating a whole grain in the morning or drinking my water at room temperature. The herbal remedies he prescribed have also made a difference in my well-being.I consider myself to be Robert’s biggest fan; I have even brought my parents and my family to meet him so they can thank the man who gave me my life back. I truly believe that Robert is more than just an acupuncturist; he has a special gift for healing.Initially, my appointments were once a week. Then, they tapered off to once every two weeks, and finally, just once a month. The ultimate goal is to use acupuncture as a preventative measure to ensure well-being just like how you get your teeth cleaned on a regular basis to ensure healthy teeth and gums. I look forward to each appointment just as I would a trip to the spa. In fact, the environment is just as relaxing: during my session, I have a lavender eye mask over my eyes and a warm blanket wrapped around my body. I don’t even realize that the acupuncture needles are there!Robert has provided me with a level of care that is beyond what I ever could have hoped for. Although acupuncture has not cured me nor completely healed me of my depression, it has allowed me to manage it successfully. If you are suffering from depression, I encourage you to try acupuncture, and if you’d like to speak with me in more detail about my personal experience, I’d be pleased to do so. Thanks to Acupuncture Associates, I can enjoy my life once again. There is no better gift. Happy Acupuncture, indeed!
S – Wilmington, NC

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My hip pain is gone thanks to Robert’s holistic approach.

My massage therapist referred me to Acupuncture Associates in Wilmington when I was experiencing chronic hip pain more than a year ago. I had received acupuncture once before at a chiropractor’s office, but Robert’s approach is very different. Whereas the chiropractor targeted a specific area, Robert took a more holistic approach to my hip pain, considering my complete medical history in a way that gave me total confidence in his methodology. Within a couple of months, my hip pain had subsided, but I still go for regular treatments because his style of acupuncture contributes to my total well-being. I work as a nurse and need good health for this demanding profession. Robert has successfully treated lots of minor aches and pains that result from day-to-day living and general stresses to the body. I always leave feeling calm, relaxed and restored.
S – Wilmington, NC

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Acupuncture helped me with everything from migraines to a broken toe.

I was experiencing persistent migraine headaches and having difficulty swallowing, two big obstacles for my work as a personal chef. Doctors had prescribed medications intended to alleviate these problems, but I just wasn’t getting good results. Whenever possible, I prefer listening to my body and finding natural solutions, so I decided to try acupuncture with Robert.My first visit was such a refreshing change from a traditional medical visit. Robert took the time to ask specific questions related to my own lifestyle, listen carefully, and create a customized treatment for me. His approach was so different from the “blanket” treatments I had previously received; the entire process felt unrushed and relaxing. And, acupuncture doesn’t hurt at all; in fact, I usually nap during my treatments!Since working with Robert, my symptoms are greatly improved. He’s also helped me with other occasional issues like indigestion and PMS. But one particular visit really surprised and impressed me! I had broken one of my toes. It was swollen, bruised, and so painful that I could barely walk. When I limped into Robert’s office for my regular appointment, he noticed my broken toe and told me that he could help alleviate the pain if I wanted him to work on my toe. Of course, I did! He explained that the blood pressure on the bone was causing much of the pain, and he eliminated that pressure. By the end of my session, I walked (not limped) out of his office pain-free. It was amazing!That visit sums up what I like most about Acupuncture Associates in Wilmington, NC; each visit is new and different, designed to treat me as an individual and address whatever my body may be experiencing at that time. Plus, every detail of my appointment is a delight: I’ve never had a long wait (try that at other doctors’ offices!); I never feel rushed; the treatment room feels like a clean, fresh spa environment; and I leave feeling refreshed and relaxed.
L – Wilmington, NC

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Acupuncture relieved my pain and gave me peace of mind.

About a year ago, my husband of sixteen years passed away suddenly. A dear friend in Oregon suggested acupuncture as a way to deal with the shock and grief from this unexpected tragedy. In addition to the emotional issues I was dealing with, I had also been suffering from sciatica. She felt certain that acupuncture would help me on both accounts. Since my friend was very familiar with the practice, she offered to interview several practitioners in my area on my behalf. After her interviews, she called me to say: “I’ve found just the guy for you!” That ‘guy’ was Robert of Acupuncture Associates in Wilmington, NC.After my first consult with Robert, I knew that my friend had chosen wisely. He is so compassionate, knowledgeable and trustworthy. From a physical perspective, Robert completely eradicated the sciatic pain I experienced. From an emotional perspective, he has given me considerable relief from the grieving process, working to ensure that my heart is open, that energy is flowing through my body, and that my health needs are being met.In short, I would describe Robert’s acupuncture treatment as “life-changing.” I’m still working with him, and expect that I always will be. I highly recommend this practice for both the alleviation of physical pain and for improved peace of mind.
P – Bolivia, NC

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Acupuncture is helping to relieve the numbness in my leg.

To help me relieve numbness in my leg, my massage therapist suggested that I try a combination of massage and acupuncture for additional relief. My massage therapist, also a patient with Acupuncture Associates in Wilmington, highly recommended Robert. I am always open and willing to try natural healing methods, so I scheduled my first acupuncture appointment. I’ve been alternating massage therapy with acupuncture every other week for the past several months, and I find that it is indeed helping to relieve the numbness in my leg. Like any non-invasive healing treatment, it is a long-term approach, and one I plan to continue. Robert is an excellent healer, explaining the “what” and “why” of this practice in a way that really works for me.
P – Wilmington, NC

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Thanks to acupuncture, my blood tests are now normal.

As a diabetic, I need to take special care of my kidneys. When my blood tests where showing abnormal results, my massage therapist recommended Acupuncture Associates in Wilmington, NC. After treatment with Robert, my blood test results went from abnormal to normal. That was all of the proof I needed to know that acupuncture really works! I’ve been continuing my acupuncture sessions for years now, and I much prefer this natural approach to caring for my body over chemicals and pills. The process is gentle, nurturing, and relaxing. In fact, I’m not even sure why they use the term ‘needles’. The needles are so small you can hardly see them and they’re not painful at all! For me, acupuncture has been very, very successful, and I recommend trying it.
L – Burgaw, NC

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Acupuncture relieved my back pain during pregnancy.

Years ago, I was in a car accident. Ever since then, I’ve experienced occasional back problems. But last year, during my first pregnancy, my back was killing me! I still had money in my flexible spending account to use before the year’s end, so I decided to see if acupuncture could help relieve my back pain. I found Robert via an internet search, and was able to read about his work. Since the practice of acupuncture has been around for thousands of years, I knew there must be something to it!I was so tense I felt like there was a hot band around my middle section, and sometimes it felt like a hot poker was stabbing me in the neck and shoulders. Robert’s calm approach and the ambiance in his office create an environment of total relaxation. I really appreciate that he reminds me to breathe and relax; that lightly massages my tense pressure points, and that after treatment he puts oils around those areas to further encourage a relaxed state. At the end of each session, I feel as if a weight had been lifted off my shoulders.Throughout my pregnancy, Robert was very supportive and gave me sage advice about caring for my well-being post-pregnancy. He explained how new mothers are often so focused on their babies, they forget to care for their own bodies. He encouraged me to engage in gentle exercise to keep my blood moving, but to be easy on myself and patient with my recovery. It’s rare to find people as supportive as Robert.When I returned to work after my maternity leave, my stress levels increased and the tension in my back flared up again. This time, I knew exactly what to do. I returned to Acupuncture Associates in Wilmington where I knew I would find relief from the pain and a newfound sense of relaxation.
AT – Wilmington, NC

Disclaimer: Results not typical. Individual results will vary.

With acupuncture, my rheumatoid arthritis factor decreased from 900 to 45!

I suffered from and was diagnosed with a severe case of rheumatoid arthritis, a normal rheumatoid factor is less than 15; mine was over 900! I felt intense pain everywhere from my knees to my wrists to my elbows to my shoulders. I was so sick that I could not function on the most basic levels, even moving from room to room was a challenge. Doctors told me that there was no cure for my arthritis and that the only way to manage the pain was with medication. The medication my doctor prescribed was so strong (or, in my opinion, toxic) that he also prescribed a supplement to protect my liver!I turned to the internet in search of alternative treatments, and learned that others had found relief using non-traditional methodologies. One of the recommend forms of treatment was acupuncture. I hate needles, and never would have considered acupuncture had I not been so desperate to change my condition and manage my pain. I created my own treatment protocol, incorporating a variety of resources to restore my body’s balance from acupuncture to herbs to antibiotics (arthritis is an autoimmune disease caused by a germ that lives in the fluid of the joints).Once, when I felt that I was coming down with a cold, I called Robert to cancel a scheduled acupuncture treatment. “No”, he replied, “if you think you’re getting a cold, then you must come in.” I went for my treatment, and sure enough, I did not get that cold. Robert and his wife, Renée, are both wonderful people. Robert’s office is very clean and professional; he has created a wonderfully soothing environment. I also appreciate that he listens and responds to my input, which is a refreshing change from my experience with those in the field of traditional medicine.I can’t isolate just one thing that made the difference, but I can tell you that my use of antibiotics and multiple holistic treatments has made a significant impact on my health. Robert helped contribute to my recovery by restoring my electromagnetic fields and recommending herbs to strengthen my system. My progress has been slow, but steady as I’ve followed this unique protocol over the past two years: the last time I was tested my rheumatoid factor had decreased from 900 to 45! I have stopped taking all over-the-counter pain killers to manage the pain, and I am continuing to improve.
SN – Wilmington, NC

Disclaimer: Results not typical. Individual results will vary.

Acupuncture helped me regain use of my hand after a stroke.

Two years ago, I had a stroke that affected the entire left side of my body. My left hand was partially paralyzed, and I was unable to open my hand. After many medical treatments, including visits with a rehabilitation pain specialist who injected botox into my arm, I was highly frustrated. Nothing was working. My nephew had experienced acupuncture before (his medical physician also practices acupuncture), and he described his own results as “amazing”. He suggested that I give it a try.After my first visit with Robert, I could already see a slight improvement in my hand. Now, after three months of treatment, I can almost open my hand all of the way again. Robert is great! I’ve even noticed that my mind feels clearer as another bonus effect of my acupuncture treatments. I recommend him to everyone; in fact, just the other day I was telling my dentist about the success that I’ve had with Acupuncture Associates in Wilmington.
D – Hampstead, NC

Disclaimer: Results not typical. Individual results will vary.