I Tell Everyone to Go to Acupuncture Associates


acupuncture associates, wilmington, ncAfter my first visit with Dr. Robert at Acupuncture Associates, I became a raving fan—literally! It was so easy to talk to Dr. Robert and he was so thorough with his initial consult, I knew that I would make great progress in his care.  Our very first session went above and beyond any medical consult I have ever experienced.

As I exited the treatment room, two women in the waiting room asked me how my appointment went and what my feelings were about my session. As I recall, I said, “Absolutely phenomenal!” I was grinning from ear to ear and I promised the receptionist that I would recommend Dr. Robert to everyone I knew.  That afternoon, at lunch, I spoke highly of him to my waiter; later in the day, at a business meeting, I told my girlfriend about Dr. Robert; that same evening I shared my feelings and Dr. Robert’s initial findings with my husband. Now, he can’t wait to meet the good doctor too!

It is so encouraging to know that Dr. Robert takes such pride in his work and cares so much about his patients.  In just one visit, he made me feel both comfortable and nurtured. My hopes of living pain-free have been restored, and I feel I have a great chance of a much brighter and happier future.—D. W.

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