Acupuncture for Diabetes


Acupuncture for DiabetesAs a diabetic, I need to take special care of my kidneys. When my blood tests where showing abnormal results, my massage therapist recommended Acupuncture Associates. After treatment with Dr. Robert, my blood test results went from abnormal to normal. That was all of the proof I needed to know that acupuncture really works! I’ve been continuing my acupuncture sessions for years now, and I much prefer this natural approach to caring for my body over chemicals and pills. The process is gentle, nurturing, and relaxing. In fact, I’m not even sure why they use the term ‘needles’. The needles are so small you can hardly see them and they’re not painful at all! For me, acupuncture has been very, very successful, and I recommend trying it.—L.V.

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