Acupuncture for Grief


acupuncture for griefAbout a year ago, my husband of sixteen years passed away suddenly. A dear friend in Colorado suggested acupuncture as a way to deal with the shock and grief from this unexpected tragedy. In addition to the emotional issues I was dealing with, I had also been suffering from sciatica. She felt certain that acupuncture would help me on both accounts. Since my friend was very familiar with the practice, she offered to interview several practitioners in my area on my behalf. After her interviews, she called me to say: “I’ve found just the guy for you!” That ‘guy’ was Robert of Acupuncture Associates.

After my first consult with Robert, I knew that my friend had chosen wisely. He is so compassionate, knowledgeable and trustworthy. From a physical perspective, Robert completely eradicated the sciatic pain I experienced. From an emotional perspective, he has given me considerable relief from the grieving process, working to ensure that my heart is open, that energy is flowing through my body, and that my health needs are being met.

In short, I would describe Robert’s acupuncture treatment as “life-changing.” I’m still working with him, and expect that I always will be. I highly recommend this practice for both the alleviation of physical pain and for improved peace of mind.—P.Y.

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