From Hair Loss to Wedding Hair Toss: Acupuncture Helps!


bride with mother wedding handFour years ago, my husband and I decided to retire in Wilmington, NC after having lived in Chicago for decades.   When you look at the stress scale for life events, my life was ranking off the charts:  retirement, change of residence, children leaving home and scattered across the country, planning a wedding (for one of said children), adjusting to a new area—you get the idea!  All of those activities wreaked havoc on my body in a way I never expected: my hair began falling out. I had believed that I was handling the stress well, so I simply wasn’t prepared for how it manifested itself.

In an effort to remedy the problem as quickly as possible, I began seeing a chiropractor.  Then, I enlisted the services of a massage therapist. Although the massages felt nice, they weren’t alleviating the hair loss, so the masseuse recommended that I see Robert at Acupuncture Associates.

Based on his initial consultation, Robert recommended an intensive six-week acupuncture treatment combined with a vitamin regimen to include B12. During those treatments, I was impressed by his calming and relaxing manner (especially since I viewed needles with trepidation!) as well as his professionalism. He is very intelligent and yet completely supportive and understanding.

By the end of the six treatments, my hair stopped falling out and I was experiencing noticeably less stress. Thus, I decided to tell Robert about my arthritic right knee as well. With only once-per-month maintenance visits, he has been able to reduce the pain and tension in my right knee through acupuncture, pulsing electrical stimulation, and adhesive herb patches.   I continue to see Robert on a regular basis for general wellbeing and maintenance.  Why?  Let me tell you: if you move to the beach and own a pool, then your family and friends will visit! And, I have another child planning a wedding!  I welcome these events, but as I’ve learned, even happy occasions bring their own brand of stress.

Although I’m still a bit squeamish of needles, I definitely appreciate the holistic benefits of Robert’s acupuncture.  I trust his medicine, his healing, and his ability to help me manage the stresses of my wonderfully full and active life. I’m grateful for the reduced pain in my knee and the assurance that I’ll be able to shake a tail feather and toss my hair on the dance floor at my daughter’s fall wedding.  – P.B.

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