Acupuncture is My Preferred Form of Preventive Medicine


acupuncture as preventive medicineAlthough I appreciate the importance of modern medicine, I’m not a big fan of doctors, prescriptions, or pills.  I have health insurance, and I can go to regular doctors, but I choose not to whenever possible.  The idea of acupuncture intrigued me, so two years ago I suggested to my then-boyfriend (soon-to-be husband) that an acupuncture treatment would make a great birthday gift.  Turns out it was a gift that keeps on giving!  Initially, Doctor Robert helped to clear up my migraine headaches, but now I go to him monthly for what I considered “preventative medicine”.  Some people schedule massages or manicures and pedicures to maintain their well-being; I choose acupuncture.

One reason is because Dr. Robert is such a great listener.  I’ve been to regular doctors who just walk in to diagnose and prescribe something without even spending five minutes talking to me.  Sometimes Dr. Robert and I will converse for close to thirty minutes before he even touches a needle. I have referred a few friends to Acupuncture Associates, all of whom have been more than pleased with his work.  My mother also suffers from migraines and even though she lives a few hours outside of Wilmington, I strongly believe that it’s worth making the trip to be treated by Dr. Robert.  What else can I say except that I’m a huge fan?  I love acupuncture! – A.J.

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