Acupuncture Preventive Medicine for Me and My Business


acupuncture preventive medicineIn early 2006, I started my own business. Back then health care wasn’t a viable option – it was prohibitively expensive, and as a new business owner, I couldn’t afford it. Thankfully, I’ve always been a healthy person (knock on wood), with no major surgeries and no sicknesses too far beyond the occasional cold.

Launching a business, I soon discovered, is stressful. After a while I began to feel worn down and exhausted. I dealt with a lot of strange aches and pains. I felt off, and this was during a time when I needed to be in top condition—energized, healthy and focused.

I had never before considered acupuncture, and if you asked anyone, they would have told you I was the least likely person to try it. I have an intense fear of needles, and I’ve passed out at more than one blood drive.  But I connected with Robert via business networking, and he hired me for a freelance marketing project. As I researched acupuncture and learned more about how it works, I became intrigued. By the time the project was finished, I’d decided to give acupuncture a try.

After my first treatment with Robert, I felt euphoric and energized. My mind was clear and I could finally focus again. I continued to see Robert regularly for the next few years.  While I didn’t have a specific ailment, I used acupuncture as a form of preventative health care. I hoped it would keep me healthy, especially since I didn’t have health care.

Sometimes I asked for a tune up, other times I had a specific reason for coming, like tennis elbow or a cold. Each time, I felt much better after a treatment. In fact, I felt so good that eventually, I decided to take a break from acupuncture. My business was off the ground and keeping me busy, and I had a hard time fitting appointments into my schedule.

For a few months, everything was fine. The winter passed and I got through our busiest season without even catching a cold. Then, I started to feel run down. I was stressed out and dealing with those old aches and pains. I also had a big trip coming up, so I decided to see Robert again, just for a tune up – kind of like getting your oil changed before a long road trip.

After that appointment, I felt restored and energized once again. I kicked myself for taking four months off. I won’t make that mistake again.   Beyond a doubt, for me, acupuncture has proven to be a safe, natural and effective way to maintain optimal health.  I highly recommend Robert and Acupuncture Associates. – C.D.

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