As a Retired Nurse, I Give Robert’s Bedside Manner Top Marks!


acupuncture for balance issuesYears ago, I hit my head and sustained injuries to my brain that affected my balance and blood pressure. A retired nurse, I’ve worked for more than five decades in nearly every field of nursing, so I know how to spot a professional with a good bedside manner. I already knew Robert as a tai chi instructor; I was (and still am!) a student in the class he teaches at the YMCA.   Knowing his skill as a teacher, I sensed that he was equally skilled as an acupuncturist, and I was right.  I tried acupuncture for balance issues, but I’ve continued for many reasons.

As soon as I walked into Robert’s office, I knew I was in great hands. Attentive to my needs, he listened carefully to everything I told him, and put me at ease. I had tried other acupuncturists in the past, but Robert’s technique and methods were far superior.  As a result, I’ve been a regular patient now for years.

Because acupuncture addresses mind, body and spirit, I’ve found that monthly treatments keep me strong and healthy, and that Robert can always help ease whatever ailment is challenging me. I’m eighty years old now, and a while back, I began to suffer from peripheral neuropathy, a condition which causes a burning sensation in my feet and legs.

I’ve also experienced progressive memory loss. Not only has acupuncture helped ease the symptoms of peripheral neuropathy, it also helps me to think more clearly. I feel more relaxed and clear-headed after my acupuncture sessions.

As a retired nurse, I give high compliments to Robert his wonderful bedside manner, his acupuncture technique, and his tai chi instruction too; he really is the best. I can’t recommend his services enough! ~ C.J.

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