Chinese Herbs: Dill


Chinese herbs have been used for centuries. The first traditionally recognized herbalist, Shénnóng, is said to have lived around 2800 BC. There are roughly 13,000 medicinals used in China and over 100,000 medicinal recipes recorded in the ancient literature. In this blog post series, I highlight one Chinese herb and its healing properties: Dill.

Chinese medicine dillIf you live in the South, as we do—our office is in Wilmington, NC—you may be most familiar with dill as it is used in American cooking and gardening. However, this delicate plant’s intensely scented seeds have long been used in traditional Chinese medicine. The goal of traditional Chinese medicine is to use therapies to bring the body’s energy or qi into balance. This is done through multiple therapies, from acupuncture to diet modification, and herbal remedies.

If you love the flavor of dill, you may have inadvertently stumbled across the herb’s traditional use in Chinese medicine, where practitioners often utilize it as a digestive aid. Dill has been used in African, Arabic, Ayurvedic, Chinese, and European traditional remedies for centuries, usually to aid in digestion and intestinal wellness. In fact, some culinary researchers believe that the word dill comes from the Norse term, dylla, for something soothing.

Here in our Wilmington, NC office, I often use dill in combination with acupuncture to help clients suffering from digestive issues, stomachache, and dyspepsia. If you are struggling with stomach discomfort, call us today to make an appointment for an individualized treatment plan. With our customized therapy plans, we can help balance the qi, or energy, within your body.


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