Feng Shui: Ring Them Bells


Feng Shui is an 8,000 year-old Chinese philosophy about the relationship between humans and their environment. Every item in a space and its placement is thought to either enhance or diminish our well-being. Based on the laws of nature, logic and common sense, we have incorporated feng shui principles into our office.

feng shui bellsDo you love the sounds of bells? Many people collect small bells and appreciate their beautiful sounds in church services, clock towers, and other traditional American settings. Ceremonial bell ringing is a part of many religious and civic ceremonies.  But did you know that bells are also used in feng shui and Chinese medicine?

Here in our Wilmington, NC office, a bell hangs on our front door, as a way to add a harmonious balance to and sweep away negative energy from our office. The bells gentle musical tone contributes to a peaceful atmosphere within our office.

In feng shui, the sound of bells symbolically announces the coming of good news and prosperity.  Bells are typically hung on a red cord, string, or ribbon (measuring nine inches or a multiple of nine) to activate good luck.  Although design matters, it is the tone of the bell and the quality of the sound that are most important.

In placing a bell by the front door, we are following centuries of Chinese tradition.  According to one music historian at Michigan State University, bells have long been important in Chinese culture:

“The Oriental attitude toward bells has always been one of deep reverence. It was believed that bells could cast or remove a spell, increase fertility, or even house a spirit. According to traditional belief, bell ringing purified the holy place. In the Buddhist temple, as in the Christian church, there is a consecration ceremony, after which the bell becomes a sacred object. When placed on animals, the bell afforded protection against evil spirits, even as it did when hung at the door of a house.”

In fact, some of the oldest bells in the world were first made in China. Twentieth-century excavations have discovered ceremonial bells that are over two thousand years old and still fully functional. One example of these are the famous gold and bronze “Marquis of Yi” chime bells, which still have a musical range similar to a modern piano.

While the bell on the front door of our acupuncture office isn’t made of gold, we hope you’ll enjoy it’s pleasant tone when you visit our Wilmington, NC office.


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