High Praise for Acupuncture for High Blood Pressure


acupuncture for high blood pressureFor years I struggled with high blood pressure, to the point that simply getting out of bed made me dizzy and lightheaded. I had tried everything: working with nutritionists and watching my diet, spending time in the cardio rehab unit at the hospital and, of course, medications. Although these efforts (and the valiant efforts of the professionals assisting me) helped in some ways, I still had to call the doctor frequently to review my prescriptions.  Each doctor’s visit invariably led to increased dosages. I was uncomfortable with the fact that my quality of life was becoming dependent on pills, but I didn’t know what else to do.

Then one Sunday, I shared my predicament with one of my Sunday School members, who asked if I had ever talked to Dr. Robert. I knew that he was a fellow member of my Baptist church, and I had seen him around, but I had never known his profession. I admit I was leery when I heard that he was an acupuncturist, but given my existing medical situation, I thought, “Shame on me if I don’t try this”.

My initial intake lasted almost two hours as we went over my entire medical history and I shared my objectives.  What a contrast to most of the other doctors’ visits I’ve had where it feels as if you have fifteen minutes to walk in, state your case, get a prescription and get out!

Despite Robert’s great bedside manner, at my first few appointments, I remained skeptical. I wasn’t accustomed to having needles placed in my body and the sensations take some getting used to. It’s not painful, but it is sensory. I remember thinking, “I’m not sure I can drink this Kool-Aid,” but I stuck with it and by the third or fourth treatment, I realized that I had to trust Robert – he truly cared about my health.  I needed to stop resisting, open my mind, and let him help me.

It’s been four months now and I’m pleased that I’ve been able to maintain my blood pressure. I haven’t had to call my doctor to request any adjustments to my medicine, and Robert has been able to suggest stress management and relaxation techniques that have now become daily habits for me. I began with weekly treatments, and am now receiving them twice per month. My goal is to dial them back further, but it’s still early for me.  Robert really works with his patients to achieve their goals, and becomes a partner in the process. I highly recommend him to others. – V.O.


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