Overcoming Infertility: Acupuncture Success Stories


Note: To protect their privacy, the following story and photo are a composite of multiple patients who have successfully conceived, in part, thanks to their treatments at Acupuncture Associates.

AA Baby Kirby; acupuncture for infertilityAh, spring. Outside my office, the birds are singing and the flowers are blooming. The season represents rebirth, regeneration, and for many couples, hope for a growing family. However, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) (), about 6% of married women in the United States are unable to conceive after one year of trying.

As anyone who has dealt with infertility issues can attest, discovering the root cause and undergoing subsequent fertility treatments can be inconvenient, costly, and emotionally draining. Women’s health became a special interest of mine when it became clear to me how effective Traditional Chinese Medicine and acupuncture can be in regulating menses and improving fertility.

Thus, about a year ago, a 36-year-old woman came to Acupuncture Associates seeking help for infertility. She and her husband had been trying to conceive for over two years without success and were ready to consider adopting. First, however, they wanted to try acupuncture before beginning in-vitro fertilization (IVF) treatment.

Acupuncture continues to gain recognition for its varying benefits, particularly regarding infertility. Some new research carried out by the University of Maryland has found that success rates of IVF increase 32% with the use of acupuncture at the embryo transfer stage. When acupuncture is combined with Chinese herbal medicine, many couples report even higher success rates.

It’s important to note that the couple came into treatment and both received acupuncture and Chinese herbs to prepare them for an in-vitro fertilization procedure. Even in today’s modern world, the myth persists that infertility is the woman’s problem alone. In reality, however – regardless of whether the root cause lies within the husband or the wife – couples benefit greatly from combating infertility together.

Based on the results of their initial evaluation, I recommended that the couple delay the IVF procedure until having completed a series of acupuncture treatments. They followed our recommendation and their joint acupuncture fertility treatments resulted in a stronger bond between them, decreased stress, and an improvement in their overall health. I am pleased to report, the couple conceived on their first IVF procedure! The wife continued on with prenatal acupuncture treatments until four weeks before her due date. These treatments commonly help to prevent or lessen morning sickness, low-back pain, headaches, and more.

Last week I saw the new dad and he beamed proudly as he showed me a picture of their beautiful new baby. As we parted, he turned back to thank me for our clinic’s help in this miracle of new life.

Helping couples grow their family is a deeply rewarding experience – one that exemplifies the multifaceted and far-reaching benefits of acupuncture.

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