Relieving Stress with Acupuncture


Relieving Stress with AcupunctureFeeling stressed?  While our stress response serves a natural, potentially life-saving purpose in dangerous situations, our daily routines are often full of unnecessary stress. You’ve probably experienced stress at work, during your commute, or as you struggled to maintain a work-life balance.

Over time, chronic stress can leave you feeling depleted, anxious, and frustrated and can actually weaken your immune system.  Studies have identified chronic stress as the root cause of a lower white blood cell count. White blood cells help defend your body against all manner of illnesses, including viruses. Without them, your bodily systems are impacted by stress. Counteracting or eliminating stress is key to long-term health.

The good news is that acupuncture can help reverse this impact on your body. In Chinese medicine, it is believed that stress causes a depletion of Qi, the body’s source of energy and wellness.  Qi improves blood flow, affecting all of our organ systems such as the kidney, spleen or liver.  Acupuncture raises your overall health by improving the quality, quantity, balance and flow of Qi.  It also helps blood to circulate freely through the body’s cells, organs and tissues.  When organs are properly nourished and functioning well, an individual’s overall health is improved and their stress is decreased. Proper use of acupuncture can revive your body’s Qi energy, especially when supported by other natural techniques.  These supportive therapy techniques can include:

  • Healthy eating practices. Getting supportive nutrition improves your Qi by balancing your energy.  Consult an acupuncturist for advice about the right diet.
  • Meditation. Meditation techniques can help you maintain a calm outlook in times of stress and have been shown to relax your respiratory rate, heart rate, and other physical indicators of stress.
  • Yoga. Yoga helps you gain awareness of the mind-body connection and, like meditation, can teach you calming techniques.

Many people turn to acupuncture because it provides a safe, effective, drug-free, and natural approach to relieving stress.   To quote one of our patients, L:

“Each visit is new and different, designed to treat me as an individual and address whatever my body may be experiencing at that time. Plus, every detail of my appointment is a delight: I’ve never had a long wait (try that at other doctors’ offices!); I never feel rushed; the treatment room feels like a clean, fresh spa environment; and I leave feeling refreshed and relaxed.”~ L – Wilmington, NC


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